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To all your queries and worries of frequent breakdown of machinery at warehouse, not getting timely service support, paying heavy maintenance cost and many more, our AMC program got you covered in every situation.

Being one of the most competent AMC programs, we aim at providing you with technical assistance for your equipments, the terms and conditions of our programs are amenable as per the discretion of the client to fit in their requirements. We are ardent towards achieving a breakdown free operation of the machines by being determined on giving services even after its warranty period lasts. Differentiating us from other service providers, who usually pay attention to the machinery only within a specific period of time, we see beyond that. Focussing more on the equipment on the later phase of its shelf life because of its lower efficiencies and breakdown due to untimely maintenance and wear and tear of the parts, is what our central goal is all about.

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Interested in buying one for your business? Connect with us for an Annual Maintenance Contract for an impactful advice on your machinery and it's maintenance.